Sean Mick  


My work represents subjects, situations, and emotions in a reductive visual language. The indelible impressions of our experiences shape what we are inside: our contradictions, hopes, addictions, ego, love, self awareness, doubts — all part of a complex composition that exudes a type of wavelength, vibe, or presence that is projected outward. This work looks to capture sensory observation, beyond the mere visual, through geometric constructs, interpretive motifs, and color harmonies. Each composition is drawn from the immaterial and intangible by way of what we can’t see, but feel, with the intent of being equatable as to who, or what, they are.


Sean Mick is a mixed media artist that interprets what we can’t see. Using a language of line, form, color and scale he creates “portraits” of subjects, emotions, relationships and ideals. With a strong influence of geometric abstraction, color field, and hard edge painters such as Rothko, Albers, Cruz-Diez, Soto, Bridget Riley, Frank Stella, and Ellsworth Kelly Mick’s work looks to use a subject as a jumping off point that is purposely obfuscated by abstraction. Using non-planar compositional surfaces he uses an array of painting techniques and masking to arrive at a precise execution. Not bound by paint alone, he has explored the sculptural aspect, evident in the forms themselves, to create fiber interpretations of the work. Mick has spent his career in the commercial arts and publishing working in newspapers, commercial art, illustration, book builder and ultimately as an I.T. Director for a development company with offices in New York, Boston, Maryland and Texas. He currently works exclusively on his practice.


Studio #10U
Medium: Painting