Myung Nam An 


Myung Nam An is a ceramic artist, born in South Korean, based in London for 12years and relocated to Miami recently. 

“Since 2005 Living in London, the fact that I am alone is a throbbing job, a gigantic freedom, a shock to a strange culture, and a sense of heterogeneity from the barrier of language, these emotions in my work are symbolized by universal symbols such as 'Eye' And these stories tell someone who creates another story to tell their story. The brilliant colour of my work is reflected in the visual characteristics of contemporary culture by using diverse and colourful colours in London's diverse races and cultures and the world's cultural capital where more than 300 languages are used. Which is a somewhat conservative challenge to the ceramic arts here”.

Myung Nam An’s incredibly intricate and detailed ceramics are beautiful, bright, colourful, exciting, funky & very desirable.


Studio #28
Medium: Ceramics
Birth Place: South Korea