Isabela Muci 


Becoming an artist was the natural result for my restlessness. A need to transform what seems useless or obvious into something meaningful, is a condition that activates my intuition and imagination to reach creative and tasteful solutions.

Obtaining my Journalism  degree in Venezuela was my first attempt to structurize my unidentified calling. Trough my second degree in Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design - Paris I found myself. Remarking the diversity of teaching techniques, my passion for observation, asking, learning, collaborating with others and inventive problems solving led me to focus on my own potential abilities. I had my first solo show in Paris in 1993 and have been an active painter showing frequently  in Venezuela, France and the USA in private galleries and institutional group shows. I am a drawing teacher up to date in diverse cultural centers in Caracas, Paris and Miami where I live.

From an early age, I sought out and experienced new ways to rise above the often mundane situations of everyday life.  I dove headlong into a variety of artistic pursuits in order to free myself from my surroundings.  My journey of exploration began with painting during my childhood and progressed to pottery, piano playing, and sculpture before returning to my true passion and my starting point: painting.

Today, as in my early years, I feel the need for an intimate dialog with my work in order to bring about personal transformation through the creative process.  This process is an aesthetic exploration of recycled and often earthy foundations layered with hints of classical figure drawings.  This layering process is achieved with a playful painting approach and it is my personal way of searching for beauty in the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.

During my exploration, I detach myself from who I think I am and become the painting so that life reveals itself to me as a refined though humble present “moment.” In that place, the flow guides me to my lost essence.  The experience of the moment becomes a chosen isolation from the overwhelming information and demands of the contemporary world and allows me to bring out my true voice as well.

In the end, I find my work helps me achieve a delicate balance in my life: being free to let go and experience pleasure in the creation of beauty through art balanced with the pursuit of beauty in the everyday acts of life like cooking, cleaning, or teaching.  For me, it is just a matter of brining a meditative state of mind to all aspects of my life; that meditative state of mind I first found as a child as I floated among the beauty of the world that I experience or created.



Studio #29
Birth Place: Venezuela