Alejandra Suarez


My artwork takes the position of an atmospheric point of view where the individual feels as though they’re walking through my paintings. Exercising what is vastly known as “landscape” and providing different perspectives in which can be seen from simple to complex forms. When seen far away, colors are fused together if close in range or greatly contrasted depicting different shapes that construct a landscape. But, when the viewer looks closer into the painting, there are different textures that define each form individually and allowing the viewer to “travel” throughout the painting. Whether it’s with the thickness of paint, distinctive brush strokes, rhythm of value, repeated forms or placement of colors I want my audience to visualize each atmospheric layer as they “travel” through the imagined landscape paintings. From standing far away, to taking each step towards the landscape, to eventually coming face-­‐to-­‐face with a variety of detailed strokes and layers. Thus, as the individual walks through my painting, the addition of movement becomes part of the piece.  


Alejandra Suarez is a visually impaired visual artist who graduated from Design and Architecture Senior High and the University of Florida with a Bachelors in Fine Arts.



Phone: (786) 768-9540

Studio #7U
Medium: Painting
Birthplace: Miami, FL